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Any number of things could have stopped this site from being where it is now. One late night in August 2004, I was watching NBC and their coverage of the Olympics. I was just flipping around and wasn't paying much attention to it. However, I had turned it on when Bob Costas was interviewing Carly. It was the first time I had ever seen Carly. I watched the interview and thought Carly was cool but I went to bed shortly afterwards and sort of forgot about it.

A few days later, I had remembered about Carly and I typed her name into Google. I found GymnastForums.com and I saw that Carly was going to be on Jay Leno the following night. I'm a video ripper and thought I'd help out the Carly fan community by uploading the Jay Leno interview. I did and all the fans were very thankful. After the Jay Leno interview, Carly did several interviews in the following weeks. All of which I was making videos of and I needed a place to put them all. This is how this site got started.

I contacted a web hosting friend of mine and told him briefly about Carly and he gave me the OK to go ahead. I found the domain Carly-Patterson.net which he bought for me and gave me hosting. The first CPnet design was very basic. Back then it was called "Pip's Carly Videos" and bandwidth was always a problem. I soon realized that the site was becoming much bigger than my little design was made for. I contacted a web designer and in late November 2004 we had a much bigger design. This is when we turned from a video site to an actual fan site.

A lot has changed since then. In the summer of 2005, we changed our look again. In the fall of 2005, we were forced to quickly move from Carly-Patterson.net to CarlyPattersonOnline.com. We have continued to expand and change over the years. Currently on our third official design, we hope to continue to be a resource for Carly Patterson fans for many years.
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